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Octopus Ring (size 5.75)

Faceted moissanite in three sizes are scattered across a delightfully heavy, sterling silver base. Each stone is set in 14K yellow gold, lending a subtle and elegant contrast to this signet ring.

This ring is inspired by the octopi that live in the cold Pacific Ocean waters near my home. The octopus symbolizes flexibility, intelligence, and adaptability with a hint of mystery.

Moissanite is a man made alternative to diamonds with similar flash and hardness. A wonderfully eco-friendly option.

Features: hand made, one of a kind
Material: sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, moissanite
Ring Size: fits 5.75
Production: ready to ship


These pieces are entirely handmade. Since I don't tend to use casting methods in my work you'll find subtle variations in my pieces. My hope is that you will appreciate these markers as the signature of the hands that made your jewellery. Each piece tenderly crafted from materials of the Earth - showing their personality and the imperfect perfection of Nature.