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Cassiopeia Celestine Ring - The Queen (size 7.75)

This ready-to-ship sterling silver ring features the constellation of Cassiopeia. 

Cassiopeia is a Queen in Greek Mythology who was banished to the sky by Poseidon as punishment for her vanity.

Want to find her in the sky? She's a large W-shaped constellation in the Northern Hemisphere that sits next to the Big Dipper.

Features: hand stamped constellation
Material: sterling silver
Ring Size: 7.75
Production: ready to ship

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These pieces are entirely handmade. Since I don't tend to use casting methods in my work you'll find subtle variations in my pieces. My hope is that you will appreciate these markers as the signature of the hands that made your jewellery. Each piece tenderly crafted from materials of the Earth - showing their personality and the imperfect perfection of Nature.