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After centuries of suffering, they look for leadership to deliver them. the aghar The ludicrous Aghar, or gully dwarves, are the lowest class in the dwarven caste system. Other dwarves and humans find them comical for their stupidity (few can count higher than two) and their incredible egos. They work in menial, dirty tasks, but that is all they are qualified to do. the daewar the Kingdom of the dead The Daewar are mountain dwarves, like the Hylar. They are justly respected, and many important leaders have come from their midst.

The hylar The Hylar are mountain dwarves, the oldest and most noble of the dwarven races of Thorbardin. Most of the great dwarven kings have been Hylar, including both Derkin and Kharas. Even in the dark days since the Cataclysm, the Hylar retain great influence. Most Hylar live in the famous Life-Tree, an incredible feat of dwarven engineering. The Hylar invented many of the mechanical devices for which the dwarves are justly famous. the theiwar the Klar The Klar are hill dwarves who lived inside Thorbardin at the time of the Dwarfgate Wars.

They are justly respected, and many important leaders have come from their midst. The Daewar are great soldiers, and were at the forefront in the Dwarfgate Wars. In peacetime, they defer leadership to the Hylar, but take an active interest in public safety and public works. The dwarves venerate their dead, and consider the kingdom of the dead to be the 8th Kingdom. This has little practical effect on politics, but has a profound effect on dwarven thinking about the afterlife. Dwarves use a variety of divination methods-some are real, but many are just superstition.

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