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By Tsuyoshi Ando, Il Bong Jung, Woo Young Lee

This quantity comprises the complaints of the foreign Workshop on Operator idea and purposes (IWOTA 2006) held at Seoul nationwide college, Seoul, Korea, from July 31 to August three, 2006. The distinctive curiosity parts of this workshop have been Hilbert/Krein area operator idea, advanced functionality concept relating to Hilbert house operators, and platforms conception concerning Hilbert house operators. This quantity includes 16 examine papers which replicate contemporary advancements in operator idea and functions.

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We now show that there exists R ∈ F ∞ (E, σ) with R∧ = S. 8 that η(IE ⊗ b)μ is in σ(A) . 24), it readily follows that IF 2 (E) ⊗ μ on F 2 (E, σ) leaves Ker Φ invariant. The same holds for the operator IF 2 (E) ⊗ b. Consequently, denoting by P (= Φ∗ Φ) the projection on G = (ker Φ)⊥ , we note that P X = P XP for X = IF 2 (E) ⊗ μ, IF 2 (E) ⊗ b. We show that the operator Φ∗ MS Φ commutes with IF (E) ⊗ b for all b ∈ (σ(A)) . To see this, let f ∈ F 2 (E, σ) and Φ∗ MS Φ(IF (E) ⊗ b )f = g. 24), we have g ∧ (η, b) = S(η, bb ).

In this case we say that K(z, w) is the reproducing kernel for the NFRKHS H. 2 for the classical case. 2. Let K(z, w) ∈ L(Y) z, w be a formal power series in two sets of noncommuting indeterminates with coefficients Kα,β equal to bounded operators on the Hilbert space Y. Then the following conditions are equivalent: 1. A. Ball, A. Biswas, Q. Fang and S. 2. 2. K(z, w) has a factorization K(z, w) = H(z)H(w)∗ for some H ∈ L(H, Y) z H(w)∗ = where H is some auxiliary Hilbert space. Here Hβ∗ wβ = β∈Fd Hβ∗ wβ if Hα z α .

Biswas, Q. Fang and S. ter Horst the ambient Hilbert space. It is conceivable that some sort of synthesis of these two disparate approaches is possible; the recent work on product decompositions over general semigroups (see [46]) appears to be a start in this direction. The notation is mostly standard but we mention here a few conventions for reference. For Ω any index set, 2 (Ω) denotes the space of complex-valued functions on Ω which are absolutely square summable: 2 (Ω) = {ξ : Ω → C : |ξ(ω)|2 < ∞}.

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