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From this examination it became apparent that the frequency of BORRMANN'S type II, which was more than 60% around 1955 in all AGe, is decreasing each year in both sexes, and has recently become a minor group. In contrast, the frequency of BORRMANN'S types III and N, which constituted a minor group at the beginning of the examination, increased in proportion with the passage of the years. A tendency for Borrmann's type 0 to be more frequent among the surgically resected stomachs at 1O-year intervals is also apparent (Figs.

U Q. 0 u III (/) 0 ~ () til ~ :::::::: ........ :::::::: ........ I :~:~:~:~ 20 ~I ~ \~ ~\~\ ---34 I I II ~~t~~:~ ~ : I ~t~~: ~ til E lilllill I~~~~ :::::::: ~;~~~~~~ ........ ~ ,........ 49 ~:::::::: I ~ ........ ........ :::::::: :::::::: :::::::: ........ : ........ \1111111 tt. :. 21. Frequencies of different macroscopical types of gastric cancer by age and sex of patients The differing frequency of the macroscopical types in the individual age groups becomes more obvious when compared in patients under 35 and over 65 years of age.

0 6. 2! 2 000 00 0 /}, 0 0 0 06 00 6 6 t! l!!. c 0, c: ~ 4 6 8 length of the lesions perpendicular to the line of lesser curvature I 1973 - '82 I I cm I Fig. 49. Relationship between size and depth of type lIc' cancerous lesions (focal mucosal depression) When cancerous lesions of this type are not detected on routine examination, they definitely grow into larger and deeper lesions without losing their original structure. Thus, in advanced stages, they show the typical form of type II in Borrmann's classification, being circumscribed with a large, deep crater surrounded by elevated mucosa.

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