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By Ki Longfellow

From the sunrise of historical past, numerous ladies have marked their occasions in striking methods. girls were warriors, Pharaohs, popes, queens and kings, philosophers, poets, mathematicians, composers, painters, writers, revolutionaries and "witches."

yet there has been just one HYPATIA.

amazing, appealing, comprehensive and loose, Hypatia of Alexandria used to be the final of the good Pagan lecturers. Her brutal dying by the hands of a Christian mob foretold the loss of life of cause, of wondering, of reverence for nature, of the Goddess herself.

Following her acclaimed novel "The mystery Magdalene," Ki Longfellow now deals a gorgeous portrait of the existence and dying of Hypatia of Alexandria.

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Came with God, depositing those ancestral, apostolic seeds even up to our time. "69 In the end, however, such rhetoric could not prevent the scholastic tradition of Clement and Origen from coming into conflict with the emerging power of the Alexandrian episcopate. In the next chapter, I shall discuss Origen's increasingly rocky relationship with bishop Demetrius, and the concerted steps Demetrius and his successors took to regulate and control the teaching office of the Alexandrian church in an era of persecution .

Second, the church was also faced with the challenge of what to do with confessors who had been released from the prisons. As mentioned above, while in prison, these confessors had been credited with the spiritual authority to forgive sins, an authority previously reserved for the bishops alone. What status should the confessors have in the church now that the persecution was over? To complicate matters, some of the confessors, independent of the bishop, began welcoming those who had "lapsed" back into the church.

A number of scholars have taken this story at face value, identifying this event as the root cause of the conflict between Peter and MelitiusJl However, there is no corroborating evidence for such a prison encounter between these two figures (nor is there evidence • that either was imprisoned in the early stages of the persecution). The early letters written by the four bishops and by Peter (mentioned above) focus not on the issue of the lapsed, but rather on Melitius' "illegal" action of ordaining bishops outside the boundaries of his episcopal see.

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