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Transcutaneous ultrasonography is a longtime method for analysis and treatment in gastroenterology. despite the fact that, ultrasonic photographs can usually be hampered by means of pulmonary and intestinal gasoline and by means of bony and adipose tissue. In 1956 Wild and Reid mentioned the 1st result of transrectal ultrasound of the prostate [1]. In 1976 Lutz brought an A-mode ultrasonic probe which may be brought through the biopsy channel of an endoscope [2]. In 1978 and 1980 Hisanaga played echocardiography utilizing an ultrasonic transducer connected to the end of a versatile software [3, 4]. In animal stories and in a while in people Di Magno has used an echoendoscope during which a small transducer was once hooked up on the tip of a fiberoptic endoscope [5, 6]. the aim used to be to beat the constraints of transcutaneous ultrasonography through at once forthcoming objective lesions with a high-frequency ultrasound resource through the gastroin­ testinallumen. SJlbsequently, the 1st sequence of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) examinations have been suggested through the ecu congress in Stockholm [7]. the aim of this e-book is: 1. to guage the process and the apparatus for endoscopic ultrasonography 2. to judge intimately the endosonographic trend of the traditional and irregular wall constitution three. to research a wide consecutive sequence of assorted gastrointestinal malignancies that allows you to verify the usefulness and accuracy of EUS within the detection, staging, and remedy of malignant ailments four. to check EUS with different imaging concepts References 1.

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Endosonography in Gastroenterology

Transcutaneous ultrasonography is a longtime strategy for prognosis and treatment in gastroenterology. besides the fact that, ultrasonic pictures can usually be hampered by means of pulmonary and intestinal fuel and by way of bony and adipose tissue. In 1956 Wild and Reid suggested the 1st result of transrectal ultrasound of the prostate [1].

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Complications were not encountered. Results Table 1 summarizes the results of endoscopy, histology of biopsy or specimen, barium meal studies, CT scan, and BUS. In the first 4 patients the gross appearance at endoscopy was suspect for NHL and confirmed by the biopsies. In 3 of these 4 patients BUS could accurately depict the longitudinal extent and the depth of intramural infiltration of the malignant proliferation. Moreover, the transition between normal and pathologic wall structures and infiltration beyond normal underlying mucosa was readily visualized (Fig.

The patients fell into two groups. The first consisted of 4 patients with gastric NHL proven by initial endoscopic biopsy before EUS. The second group consisted of 4 patients with negative endoscopic biopsies but with an abnormal gross appearance at endoscopy or a long history of recurring ulcer disease suggesting a gastric malignancy. There were 5 men and 3 women; their ages ranged from 32 to 77 yr with an average of 65 yr. The interpretation of endoscopic ultrasonographic visualization of the GI wall was based on the results obtained by detailed examination of fresh autopsy specimens [12].

EUS accurately predicted the palliative character of the resectability in three of four patients because multiple lymph nodes suggestive of metastatic spread were visualized in the hepatoduodenal ligament (along the common bile duct) and/or around the aorta (coeliac trunk). In one of four patients the echoendoscope could not pass the duodenal bulb, and therefore the lesion was not clearly visualized. The locally non-resectable nature of a periampullary carcinoma was diagnosed by EUS when infiltration of the major blood vessels (portal vein and/or hepatic artery) was found, which was confirmed at surgery in two patients.

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