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Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–2):
Chapter 2 The function of the Drug?Metabolizing Enzymes (pages 5–24): James W. Bridges
Chapter three The effect of Inducers on Drug?Metabolizing Enzyme task and on Formation of Reactive Drug Metabolites within the Liver (pages 25–42): Sten Orrenius, Hjordis Thor and Bengt Jernstrom
Chapter four results of Inducers and Inhibitors on Drug?Metabolizing Enzymes and on Drug Toxicity in Extrahepatic Tissues (pages 43–66): Michael R. Boyd
Chapter five Induction of Enzymes curious about DNA fix and Mutagenesis (pages 67–81): B. A. Bridges
Chapter 6 Induction of Drug?Metabolizing Enzymes by means of Polycyclic fragrant Hydrocarbons: Mechanisms, and a few Implications in Environmental healthiness examine (pages 83–99): John R. Bend
Chapter 7 Induction of Drug?Metabolizing Enzymes by means of Phenobarbitone: Structural and Biochemical facets (pages 101–118): Urs A. Meyer, Peter J. Meier, Hans Hirsiger, Urs Giger and Felix R. Althaus
Chapter eight Substrate?Dependent Irreversible Inactivation of Cytochrome P?450: Conversion of Its Haem Moiety into converted Porphyrins (pages 119–139): Francesco De Matteis, Anthony H. Gibbs, Lavinia Cantoni and Jean Francis
Chapter nine rules of Human Drug Metabolism through nutritional components (pages 147–167): A.H. Conney, M.K. Buening, E.J. Pantuck, C.B. Pantuck, J.G. Fortner, K.E. Anderson and A. Kappas
Chapter 10 Infiuence of international Compounds on Formation and Disposition of Reactive Metabolites (pages 169–189): F. Oesch
Chapter eleven Pharmacokinetic elements Governing the Steady?State Concentrations of international chemical substances and Their Metabolites (pages 191–217): James R. Gillette
Chapter 12 Toxicological Implications of Polymorphic Drug Metabolism (pages 219–244): J.C. Ritchie, T.P. Sloan, J.R. Idle and R.L. Smith
Chapter thirteen Immunologically Mediated Toxicity (pages 245–259): H.E. Amos
Chapter 14 Toxicological value of Liver Hypertrophy Produced through Inducers of Drug?Metabolizing Enzymes (pages 261–274): Emmanuel Farber
Chapter 15 The impact of nutrients and Inducers on Mechanisms of Toxicity in people and Animals (pages 275–288): Andre E.M. McLean, David J. Wltts and Denise Tame
Chapter sixteen impression of Environmental chemical compounds on Drug treatment in people: experiences with Contraceptive Steroids (pages 289–306): A.M. Breckenridge, D.J. again, Karen move, Francesca Crawford, M. MacIver, M. L'E Orme, P.H. Rowe and Eileen Smith
Chapter 17 nutrition D Metabolism in sufferers taken care of with Phenytoin and Phenobarbitone (pages 315–330): J.O. Hunter and M. Davie
Chapter 18 Chemical sickness in people: difficulties in Comparative Toxicology (pages 331–347): Irving J. Selikoff
Chapter 19 Implications for destiny experiences in people (pages 349–358): John Higginson

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As shown in Fig. 1, the parent compound alone is the ultimate toxic agent responsible for damage to extrahepatic tissue in mechanism ‘A’. The extrahepatic organ in which toxicity develops may depend upon selective exposure, preferential uptake or preferential concentration of the toxic agent in the target tissue, or upon the presence of specific receptors or other highly susceptible sites of action. Alternatively, there may be little selectivity of target organ; the toxic agent may affect the liver as well as many extrahepatic sites.

Arch Biochem Biophys 188: 122-129 Vatsis KP, Coon MJ 1978 Biochemical studies on chemical carcinogenesis: role of multiple forms of liver microsomal cytochrome P-450 in the metabolism of benzo(a)pyrene and other foreign compounds. In: Gelboin HV, Ts’o POP (eds) Polycyclic hydrocarbons and cancer, Vol 1 : Environment, chemistry, molecular and cell biology. Academic Press, New York, p 335-360 Yang SK, Deutsch J , Gelboin HV 1978 Benzo(a)pyrene metabolism: Activation and detoxification. In: Gelboin HV, Ts:o P O P (eds) Polycyclic hydrocarbons and cancer.

A relationship between the immune system and the drug-metabolizing enzymes has been suggested to explain this. Selikoff: Some people show a lymphocyte change and others do not. It will be very useful for us to study their drug-metabolizing response simultaneously to see if interrelationships exist. Connors: Patients given BCG vaccination also showed quite profound changes in their rates of metabolism of certain drugs (Lipton et a1 1978). Higginson: If we may return to the epileptics who were under treatment their incidence of cancer was no different from that in control patients.

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