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By Aaron Allston, Steven S. Long

Champions, the area s maximum superhero roleplaying online game! Champions sixth variation for the HERO approach is the last word advisor to making heroes, having superheroic adventures, and growing superhero campaigns. start throughout the skies, struggle villains, and store humanity from every kind of fiendish menaces!

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Players who are familiar with the comics often enjoy comparing their characters to the campaign version of characters from the comics — though it’s important to remember that the PCs, not published supers, are the heroes of the campaign. Playing The Second Generation Element Here’s some advice for players who want to use the Second Generation concept when creating and playing characters: Create A Detailed History For Your Character’s Predecessor: The GM can’t do all the work himself, after all!

In the Bronze Age, most heroes who work together remain friends, often good ones, but differences in personality and crimefighting methods are more likely to arise and cause friction. Heroes might develop serious personal problems (such as drug addiction or having an extramarital affair), but they regret them and work to overcome these flaws. In the Iron Age, heroes are usually good people in some way, but often display all sorts of negative personality traits, some of which can affect their heroing.

Characters typically have around 50-75 Active Points in most powers, CVs of 7-13, and SPDs of 4-10. Occasionally GMs prefer a lowerpowered campaign so social issues can more easily be brought to the fore, and as always a higher power level is certainly possible. Bronze Age Champions characters typically do not have to comply with a Characteristic Maximum, and they have to pay Character Points for any equipment or other items they want (like usual for Superheroic campaigns). PLAYING IN A BRONZE AGE CHAMPIONS CAMPAIGN Since the Bronze Age is in many ways the “default” style of Champions campaigns, there’s not much need for specific advice on how to play.

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