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By Alfred S. Posamentier, Charles T. Salkind

Stimulating number of strange difficulties facing congruence and parallelism, the Pythagorean theorem, circles, sector relationships, Ptolemy and the cyclic quadrilateral, collinearity and concurrency, and plenty of different issues. demanding situations are prepared so as of trouble and unique recommendations are integrated for all. a useful complement to a uncomplicated geometry textbook.

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We shall consider the case where M = K/L is a homogeneous space of a compact connected Lie group K. Let us recall that A is an invariant algebra on M if A is a K-invariant uniformly closed subalgebra with unit in C(M ). In this section G, H denote the complexifications of K, L respectively. The group G is a complex reductive algebraic group with a reductive subgroup H. The main problem is to describe all invariant algebras on a given space M and to study their properties. Let us start with a particular class of invariant algebras.

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