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Can quantum operations, recombinant shapes, and hid distribution really result in enjoyable? definite they could! simply try out those optical illusions, mechanical flair puzzles, maps and mazes. "Selections are interesting."--School Library magazine.

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Where did the extra foot piece come from? Chapter 4 STRETCHY SHAPES & SQUIGGLY LINES Impossible Postcard • Mobius Mysteries • Squaring the Loops • Two Knotty Problems • A Fly's View • Power Lines • The Bridges of Konigsberg We live in a world of many shapes that are much more interesting than those found in a draftmans flat and angular drawings. A special branch of geometry, called topology, shows what happens when shapes change into different shapes. Topology also recog­ nizes the importance of a shape's interior and exterior regions and how they relate to problem-solving.

LOGIC PuZZLES 51 APRICOT JAM After picking some apricots from your tree, you decide to make some delicious apricot jam. 5 kg) of apricots, blend them together, and place them on the stove. But suddenly you remember that you were supposed to add l tea­ spoon of lemon juice for every dozen apricots. Since you can no longer count the number of apricots in your mixture , how will you know how much lemon to add? THE LUMBERJACK'S BROTHER A lumberjacks brother died and left a million dollars to his only brother.

Fold a postcard in half the long way. 2. Cut it with scissors as shown. 3. Then cut from A to B. 2 3 STRETCHY SHAPES & SQUIGGLY LINES 33 Finally, unfold the postcard and gently pull it apart at the nar­ row edges. You can see that the postcard easily fits over your head, if not your entire body. This demonstrates how a topologist would solve the problem. Topologists are interested in the qualities of a shape that can be changed (variants) and the qualities of a shape that remain the same (invariants).

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