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By Michael A. DiSpezio

End layouts, do difficult calculations, and resolve the complicated mysteries of visible designs. Take a scissors and check out to copy a «mind-bending» curved layout with quite a few snips.

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Tuern is a rocky, but fertile land of black beaches and seething volcanoes. Conditions are harder on Tuern than on many of the other outer islands, but the Northmen here are among the wealthiest in the North. The island’s vulcanism produces two great treasures, huge diamonds and the valuable ore from which adamantite is refined (pure adamantite is magically alloyed with iron to create +5 weapons and armor). This same geothermal activity creates a perfect home for fire giants and red dragons in the crevass called Flame Fault.

Such channels may wind for hundreds of miles into the ice pack, but the ice changes often, and what was a wide channel moments ago can quickly disappear. Many a ship has sailed into the Sea of Moving Ice only to be slowly ground to flinders by the shifting floes. To the uninitiated, the Sea seems a frozen desert, void of all life. Yet it teems with life. Seals and penguins live upon the floes, stalked by silent white polar bears and walrus, who are in turn hunted by the nomadic Ice Hunters (though some hunters may be frost men).

All who have heard the ballads and tales of bards in the North know this, but the location of this potential treasure trove is long lost. Even dwarves only know that it lies north of the Dessarin and its tributaries, near the valley of Khedrun. Adventurers returned to Waterdeep in triumph with news of Gauntlgrym’s discovery a season ago, then set out once more to recover its treasures, and have not been heard from since. GAME INFORMATION: Gauntlgrym housed 30,000 men and dwarves in its day. Now, not even goblin races dwell here.

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