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The first proper edition of the Aristotelian works was produced by Andronicus of Rhodes in the second half of the first century BC, on the basis, at least in part, of the texts previously possessed by Apellicon which were brought to Rome by Sulla in 86 BC. 10 22 BEING A PHILOSOPHER What, then, did Aristotle conceive of himself as doing in writing these works and carrying on whatever activities went on in the Lyceum? A substantial part of the Aristotelian works is devoted to what we now think of as science, particularly biology, which seems to have been a major interest of his.

This meant that the procedure of science was based somehow on demonstration, according to which essential truths could be shown to follow necessarily from principles which were themselves necessary. The middle term in a syllogism so provided would indicate the reason why the conclusion not merely followed necessarily from the premises but was necessary in its own right. This cannot be conceived as providing what Karl Popper in modern times has called ‘the logic of scientific discovery’. 11 In those terms, the aim of demonstration is to convince participants in a reasoned discussion that things should be seen in such and such ways as necessarily so.

THE LATER SCHOOLS I shall spend less time on the conduct of philosophy in the post-Aristotelian Greek world. There were other philosophical movements which were in existence before and contemporaneously with Aristotle. There was the Megarian school founded by the Eucleides whom Plato visited, and who made considerable contributions to logical issues. 119) that when he visited Athens people would leave their work to come and look at him, which says something, if it is true, of the fame of some philosophers at this time.

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