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By Christian Plass-Dülmer, Theo Brauers (auth.), J. Rudolph, R. Koppmann (eds.)

Present coverage matters problem the aid of ozone degrees by way of controlling its precursors, NOx and risky natural compounds (VOC). VOC are emitted from anthropogenic and biogenic assets. while our knowing of VOC emissions from anthropogenic resources has complex considerably in recent times, there's nonetheless an absence of information in regards to the contribution of biogenic VOC to the price range of natural hint gases and their influence at the formation of ozone within the troposphere. enhancing ozone aid techniques sooner or later calls for a close knowing of the chemical procedures within the troposphere.
This e-book contains the result of atmospheric measurements bought throughout the box crusade POPCORN (Photo-Oxidant Formation by means of Plant Emitted Compounds and OH Radicals in North-Eastern Germany) which was once conducted to enquire the position and impression of biogenic hint gases on tropospheric chemistry. This quantity describes meteorological events and origins of air lots through the crusade, and provides measurements of numerous hint gases, sunlight radiation and photolysis frequencies. distinct cognizance is given to OH radical measurements and the in-situ comparability of the 2 OH dimension techniques.

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40 THEO BRAUERS ET AL. The relative humidity (Figure 3) showed strong modulation between day and night. During most days, the humidity reached 95%- 100% in the morning hours, indicating foggy and stable conditions with an inversion layer close to the ground. In general, the relative humidity then decreased with increasing temperature. The water partial pressure calculated from relative humidity and temperature measured by the same sensor head changed between 25 hPa on August 2 and values close to 10 hPa on August 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, and 17 (Figure 3).

All values found here exceed these values. 5. GLOBAL RADIATION, PHOTOLYSIS FREQUENCIES, AND OH PRODUCTION RATE Figure 6 shows the global radiation measurements as well as the photolysis frequencies of N0 2 and ozone as recorded by filter radiometers. All three quantities show similar diurnal cycles, which represent the variation of solar zenith angle. However, the width and the shape of the curves are different. tm, this quantity mainly reflects the visible spectrum. 3 h. The effect of clouds can be seen clearly by the modulation of the global radiation or by an overall reduction during a dense cloud layer.

And Ehhalt, D. , 1994: A comparison of measured OH concentrations with model calculations, J. Geophys. Res. 99, 16633-16642. , Dorn, H. , Milller, K. , and Ehhalt, D. , 1998: Measurements of atmospheric trace gas concentrations during the field campaign in Jtilich 1990, Technical report, Forschungszentrum Jtilich, 52425 Jtilich, Germany, 1996, in preparation. , 1995: Assessment of the relative importance of terrestrial, biogenic oxygenated volatire organic compound (BOVOC) emissions for tropospheric ozone formation over central europe, Technical report.

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