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By American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

This typical establishes uniform practices for declaring and studying dimensioning, tolerancing, and similar necessities to be used on engineering drawings and in similar files. Practices certain to architectural and civil engineering, land, welding symbology should not integrated.

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See Fig. 5-34. 5 Two Single-Segment Feature Control Frames. The symbolic means of representingtwo single-segmentfeature control frames is shown in Fig. 3-22(b). Application of this control is described in para. 3. 6 Combined Feature Control Frame and Datum Feature Symbol. Where a feature or pattern of features controlled by a geometric tolerance also serves as a datum feature, the feature control frame and datum feature symbol are combined. See Fig. 3-23. Wherever a feature control frame and datum feature symbol are combined,datumsreferenced in the feature control frame are not consideredpart of the datum feature symbol.

In certain cases, suchas locating irregular-shapedfeatures,the profile tolerancing method described in Section 6 may be used. 2 Implied 90” Angle. Implied 90” angles are understood to apply. The tolerance on these implied 90” anglesis the same as for all other angular features shown on the field of the drawing governed by general angular tolerance notes or general tolerance block values. Where center lines and surfacesof a part are depicted on engineeringdrawings intersectingat right anglesand basicdimensions or geometric controls have been specified, implied 90” basic anglesare understoodto apply.

This boundary is the true geometric form representedby the drawing. No variation in form is permitted if the feature is producedat its MMC limit of size except as specified in para. 2. (b) Where the actual local size of a feature has departed from MMC toward LMC, a variation in form is allowed equal to the amount of such departure. (c) There is no requirementfor a boundaryof perfect form at LMC. Thus, a feature produced at its LMC limit of size is permitted to vary from true form to the maximum variation allowed by the boundary of perfect form at MMC.

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