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Professional authors have taken the content material of the AS and a degree requirements and provided them in a refreshingly transparent and concise layout. uncomplicated illustrations are used to provide info in a very transparent and noteworthy means, and all content material is damaged down into brief one-page sections.

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As their speed c equals distance (/\,) divided by time (1/f), In the top diagram on the opposite page, the particles oscillate in a vertical plane of vibration. For a light wave, the plane of vibration is taken as that of the E vector. Light is usually a mixture of waves with different planes of vibration. It is unpolarized. Polaroid transmits light in one plane of vibration only. Light like this is polarized. c 1 1/1 later: v v ( \ 1 I ( \ . Polaroid When refraction occurs, the frequency of the waves is unchanged.

In an optical fibre, light entering on~ end of the glass or plastic fibre is totally internally reflected until it comes out of the other. optical fibre Speed The speed of sound waves in dry air at room temperature is about 340 m s- 1 . This rises if the air is warmer or damper. Sound travels faster through liquids than through gases, and faster still through solids. loudness The greater the amplitude of the sound waves, the louder the sound. Wavelength This can vary from about 15 mm "to 15 m, so sound waves will diffract round everyday objects.

Amplitude This is tlie magnitude (size) of the oscillation. Frequency This is the number of waves emitted per second. The 51 unit is the hertz (Hz). A frequency of, say, 5 Hz means that 5 waves are being emitted per second. Wavelength In the example above, this is the distance between one wave crest and the next. Speed The speed, frequency, and wavelength of a wave are linked by this equation: spe€ld ==fregl]ency >

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