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By Walter Klaassen

This e-book is Out of Print from the publisher.Throughout Christian historical past, "all" predictions of dates and instances have proved fake. Why might smooth end-time experts fare any higher? during this publication, Klaassen addresses people who find themselves yes they understand whilst the tip is coming, people who find themselves careworn and need biblical solutions, and people who not are enthusiastic about spirituality and heavenly realities.

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His thorough analysis of their doctrines shows the weakness of their interpretations of the Bible and the speculative nature of their claims about the rapture and the second coming of Christ. At the same time, Klaassen warns against the danger of a secularized Christianity that neglects the spiritual aspect of its heritage. Klaassen offers an alternative vision of the kingdom of God, based on a balanced interpretation of the New Testament. Instead of putting undue emphasis on the book of Revelation, he gives full weight to the teaching of the Gospels and the epistles, stressing both the spiritual and the ethical dimensions of that teaching.

The Restraining Roman Empire: 4001200 The symbolic interpretation of the end-time passages in the New Testament was displacing a more literal one and became the official interpretation of the church. Yet the literal approach did not die out. It kept reappearing in one way or another. Between 400 and 1200, at least sixteen major commentaries on the book of Revelation were produced, 9 plus hundreds of explanations and commentaries on individual passages. Page 30 East of Italy, Christians were also concerned about the end-times.

I am not suggesting that they are not orderly. They do work with clearly formulated time schemes and according to some accepted rules. What they do often looks convincing to outsiders and even to Christians not familiar with how they work. Page 18 In the first chapter, I show that Christians have been preoccupied with the End from the earliest days. Thus our modern forecasters are not as unique as they imagine themselves to be. They are merely the latest in a long procession of those who have been certain that the books of Daniel and Revelation were books about their present time.

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