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By Lynn Meskell

Drawing on social thought and delivering a variety of case experiences, Archaeologies of Materiality is without doubt one of the first books to discover materiality throughout time and area.

  • Demonstrates the saliency of materiality by way of linking it to strategies of panorama, expertise, embodiment, ritual, and history.
  • Offers archaeological case reports starting from prehistoric to modern contexts, from Neo-Assyria, South Africa, Argentina, Panama, and the U.S..
  • Explores the assumption of a fabric universe that's socially conceived and developed, yet that still shapes human adventure in day-by-day perform.

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In later times, ancient scribes and scholars exploited the flexibility of the Akkadian language evidenced in plays and puns on words (see Alster 2002). It is notable that the formation and development of the cuneiform script (created by Mesopotamians for Sumerian and adapted also to Akkadian), always allowed for a number of permutations and ambiguities to intervene, on the level of things indicated as well as on the level of signifying words (Bottéro 1992:94). This capacity for linguistic signs and phonemes to hold multiple and freely interchangeable values reveals an indeterminacy built into what Bottéro calls the concrete and polysemic character of a “script of things” (Bottéro 1992:100).

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