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The current advent offers with the metrical and to a slighter volume with the projective point. a 3rd point, which has attracted a lot realization lately, from its software to relativity, is the differential element. this is often altogether excluded from the current booklet. during this booklet a whole systematic treatise has no longer been tried yet have quite chosen definite consultant subject matters which not just illustrate the extensions of theorems of hree-dimensional geometry, yet display effects that are unforeseen and the place analogy will be a faithless advisor. the 1st 4 chapters clarify the basic principles of occurrence, parallelism, perpendicularity, and angles among linear areas. Chapters V and VI are analytical, the previous projective, the latter mostly metrical. within the former are given the various easiest rules when it comes to algebraic forms, and a extra precise account of quadrics, specially almost about their linear areas. the remainder chapters take care of polytopes, and include, specially in bankruptcy IX, a number of the hassle-free rules in research situs. bankruptcy VIII treats hyperspatial figures, and the ultimate bankruptcy establishes the commonplace polytopes.

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