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By Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

"If you have been searching for a thinker prone to attract americans, Friedrich Nietzsche will be faraway from your first selection. in the end, in his blazing occupation, Nietzsche took target at approximately the entire foundations of recent American existence: Christian morality, the Enlightenment religion in cause, and the assumption of human equality. regardless of that, for greater than a century Nietzsche has been a highly popular--and surprisingly Read more...


should you have been searching for a thinker more likely to entice american citizens, Friedrich Nietzsche will be faraway from your first selection. the writer delves deeply into Nietzsche's philosophy, and America's Read more...

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Though they had grown up in a world still confident in universals, Nietzsche's "genealogy of morals" caused them to question the value of their values. In his concept of the "fibermensch," Americans found a convenient vehicle to assess the forces confronting the individual in an age of growing dislocation and anonymity associated with mass politics and mass markets. In his tragic biography they discovered a cautionary tale about the perilous course of the great man in the democratic era and the soul of man under secularism.

38 In Nietzsche, Tucker recognized a fellow philosopher who understood freedom as a state of mind, as well as the power of the mind when freed from the state. Tucker insisted that anarchism was perfectly consistent with American ideals of freedom, and should be familiar to any "unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats" who understood that the only government which governed by the consent of the governed was no government at all. 39 If the ideals of Tucker's individualist anarchism were American, Nietzsche's presence in Liberty's pages nevertheless suggested that its best theorists and spokespeople were European.

Clearly flattered by the attention of a major critic, Nietzsche replied in a letter to Brandes a month later 32 THE MAKING OF THE AMERICAN NIETZSCHE that he, too, didn't always know where his thinking would take him, but he did know it would open up a new moral universe for himself and his readers. "Just how far this mode of thought has brought me, how far it will still carry me-I almost dread to imagine. "12 And so it was in 1888 that Nietzsche's philosophy began its march toward international fame.

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