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By Raymond M. Smullyan

A variety of puzzles facing be aware play and good judgment, arithmetic and philosophy, that includes Alice and the creatures of Wonderland

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Then I pause to compute 60 + 72 = 132. Because I have already carried, I say only the last two digits, "... " And there is the answer: 5832. The next two problems require you to carry two numbers each, so they may take you longer than those you have already done. But with practice you will get faster: 489 (400 X 400 X 7 = 80x7= 7 2800 + 560 3360 9x7= + 63 3423 + 80 + 9) PRODUCTS OF A MISSPENT YOUTH: BASIC MULTIPLICATION 27 224 (200 x 200 x 9 = 20 x 9 = + 20 + 4) 9 1800 + 180 1980 4x9= + 36 2016 When you are first tackling these problems, repeat the answers to each part out loud as you compute the rest.

2-DIGIT SUHfRACTION For 2-digit subtraction, as in addition, your goal is to keep simplifying the problem until you are reduced to subtracting a 1-digit number. Let's begin with a very simple subtraction problem: 86 - 25 (20 + 5) After each step, you arrive at a new and smaller subtraction problem. Begin by subtracting: 86 - 20 = 66. Your problem becomes 66 5 = 61, your final answer. The problem can be diagrammed this way: 86 - 20 66 - 5 -25~-5-i = 61 Of course, subtraction problems are considerably easier when they do not involve borrowing.

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