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By Martin Erickson

Every mathematician (beginner, beginner, alike) thrills to discover basic, dependent suggestions to doubtless tough difficulties. Such satisfied resolutions are known as ``aha! solutions,'' a word popularized through arithmetic and technological know-how author Martin Gardner. Aha! suggestions are extraordinary, beautiful, and scintillating: they show the wonderful thing about mathematics.

This booklet is a suite of issues of aha! suggestions. the issues are on the point of the school arithmetic scholar, yet there might be anything of curiosity for the highschool pupil, the instructor of arithmetic, the ``math fan,'' and somebody else who loves mathematical challenges.

This assortment contains 100 difficulties within the parts of mathematics, geometry, algebra, calculus, chance, quantity thought, and combinatorics. the issues commence effortless and usually get more challenging as you move in the course of the booklet. a number of recommendations require using a working laptop or computer. a major function of the booklet is the bonus dialogue of comparable arithmetic that follows the answer of every challenge. This fabric is there to entertain and let you know or element you to new questions. in case you do not have in mind a mathematical definition or proposal, there's a Toolkit at the back of the ebook that may help.

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1 - s2(A, B, C, D, E) + s4(A, B, C, D, E) A pattern is apparent. Given positive integers nand k, such that 1 ::: k ::: n, let Sk stand for sk(tan 01, ... , tan On), the sum of all products of k of the tangents. Then the formula for the tangent of the sum of n angles is tan(OI + ... + On) = + S5 S2 + S4 - SI - S3 1- ••• ••• , 31 I. 3 Geometry where we set Sk = 0 if k > n, so that the series in the numerator and denominator are finite. Let's give an aha! proof of this formula. The proof uses complex numbers and Euler's formula cos 0 + i sin 0 = e jo .

The ratio ofthe volume ofthe can to the volume of the box is rrr2h/(2r)2h = rr/4. The fact that these ratios are equal is unimportant; the relevant thing is that they are both constants. Therefore, the surface area of the can is minimized when the surface area of the circumscribing box is minimized. Since a box of given volume is minimized when the box is a cube, the minimum surface area occurs when h = 2r. I leave it to you to prove the fact that a box of given volume and minimum surface area is a cube.

It requires very little explanation. Both of the above figures show four copies of the given right triangle, arranged inside a square. The shaded area in the figure on the left is the square on the hypotenuse. Clearly. the shaded area doesn't change when the four triangles are rearranged as in the figure on the right. In this figure, the shaded area consists of the squares on the two legs of the triangle. Bonus: A One-Triangle Proof The above proof employs four copies of the given right triangle.

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