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The development of a SGCMG steering logic should also consider the avoidance of the singularities. Similar to the RWA model, the combined spacecraft plus CMG rate of change of momentum is not affected by the internal CMG torque but it is related only to the external torques. 45) where H sys T ext ???? is the combined CMG plus spacecraft system momentum, is the external torque vector, and is the spacecraft angular rate. By introducing the internal CMG torque we separate the spacecraft and CMG rate of change of momentum equations and solve for the spacecraft rate ???? as a function of internal plus external torques.

2 calculate increments in forces and moments due to the deflection of each surface that must be added to the basic moments and forces. 13. They are functions of four variables: Mach number, angles of attack and sideslip relative to the wind, and control surface increment from zero position. Damping coefficients are often included which are also functions of Mach, ???? w , and ???? w . The equations also include the “TWD” forces and moments at the aerosurface hinges generated by the acceleration of the control surfaces.

It banks at an angle Φ and allows a small gravity component to offset the centripetal force due to turning. It maintains the same pitch and roll attitude but its heading is changing at a constant rate. Turn coordination is desirable for passenger comfort and also the pilot functions more efficiently. It minimizes sideslip and undesirable aeroloading by rolling about the velocity vector V0 , and it maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. To perform coordinated stability axis rolls, both roll and yaw systems are used to provide roll control about the velocity vector and to maintain zero sideslip.

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