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3) If there is no statistical association between the quantities cp and = 0; if, conversely, these quantities are regularly assoeiated, the correlation coefficient R = 1. This characteristic of turbulence is called a two-point correlation coefficient. Its expression can be written (Fig. 4c) for two points 1 and 2 of a fluid volume with the relevant fluctuations V~l and V~2 in the form 1jJ. 3') When studying a three-dimensional turbulent flow, one usually considers a large number of such coefficients.

We can use a polar to determine the optimal angle of attack aopt corresponding to the maximum lift-to-drag ratio: K max = tan (CLiO'}> aopt if we draw a tangent to the polar from the origin of coordinates. The characteristic points of a polar include the point cYamax corresponding to the maximum lift force that is achieved at the critical angle of attack aero We can mark a point on the curve determining the minimum drag coefficient Cx a min and the corresponding values of the angle of attack and the lift coefficient.

ReM) determines static instability (myC z > 0). When the two centres coincide (xF = XCM), the craft is neutral as regards tl static directional stability (m~z = 0). A particular case of motion of a craft in the plane of the angle of attack can be characterized by a constant angular velocity (Q y = = const) and stabilization with respect to rolling with the aid of an automatic pilot (Q x ;:::::; 0). e. + + + my = myo mg~ m~rl') r m;y Q y = 0 All craft customarily have longitudinal symmetry, therefore myo = O.

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