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By Theodore Von Karman

Charming, reader-friendly chronicle by way of a recognized pioneer in aerodynamic study strains the advance of dynamic flight from the time of Newton throughout the twentieth century. It recounts struggles of engineers and physicists with difficulties linked to carry, drag, balance, aeroelasticity, and the sound barrier. seventy two figures. 1957 version.

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The first example was completed at the beginning of 1951 and bench testing began in the following spring. 7kN). Besides Tupolev's bomber, it was to be used by several other famous aircraft. On 15th June 1950 the W S completed its Technical Requirement while, as the head of the OKB, Andrei Tupolev paid very close attention to the progress of 'Aircraft 88' as it passed through its detail design stage in the hands of a team led by S M Yeger; this was completed on 20th April 1951. In July the version with AM-3s was approved by the W S together with the '88' mock-up.

Powerplants a significant improvement in range over the M-4 was claimed. Myasishchev's n e w bomber successfully com- One solution was to introduce the D-19 currently being developed by the Soloviev design bureau which offered the same power as the pleted its first flight during 1956 and entered full-scale production, and so 'Aircraft 99' was Heavyweights Myasishchev VM-25/M-4 When Vladimir Myasishchev officially returned to designing his o w n aircraft in 1951 one of his first assignments, in collaboration with G N Nazarov from OKB 22 and TsAGI, was to assess the feasibility of building a strategic long-range bomber (strategichesky dahl'ny bombardirovschchik or SDB).

In October Baade was replaced as the head of OKB-1 by Semyon Aiekseyev after the closure of the latter's own OKB in August. Up to now German morale had been low (the staff w e r e still classified as prisoners) but both Baade and Aiekseyev worked well together and the situation improved. Flight testing revealed that the 140 suffered from flutter but there w e r e also difficulties in controlling the engine thrust, the TKRD-1 being prone to spontaneous changes in rpm which did not help the aircraft's flight characteristics.

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