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By Albert Cossery

Summoned domestic to Egypt after a protracted eu debauch (disguised as “study”), our hero Teymour—in the hole line of A correct Conspiracy—is feeling “as unfortunate as a flea on a bald man’s head.” bad Teymour sits forlorn in a provincial café, a much cry from his loved Paris. previous neighbors, notwithstanding, rescue him. They applaud his phony degree as excellent in “a international the place every little thing is false” they usually draw him into their hedonistic rounds as gents of rest. lifestyles, they clarify, “while basically unnecessary is intensely interesting.”  The small urban could appear tedious, yet there are girls to seduce, strong males to tease, and likewise unusual occasions: wealthy notables are disappearing.

Eyeing the machinations of our 3 excitement seekers and worried in regards to the lacking wealthy males, the specialists quickly see—in advanced schemes to mattress younger girls—signs of political conspiracies. the 3 younger males, even supposing flawed for terrorists, take pleasure in freedom, wit, and romance. in the end, notwithstanding “not each guy is in a position to appreciating what's round him,” the conspirators in excitement definitely do.

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Similar elements above and below and in the corresponding scenes on the east side of the doorway. " c For this epithet cf. pl. 120B, line 9. '" PLATE 119. A. PAINUTEM I THURIFYING BEFORE KHONSU BY PAINUTEM 1Thurifying before his father, Khonsu-Re, Lord of Thebes, 2 that he may make "given life" like Re. BY KHONSU 3 Khonsu Neferhotep. 4 Words spoken:" "I have given you valor 5 like Re. " ABOVE PAINUTEM 7 The High Priest of Amon-Re, King of the Gods, [Paiankh], 9 beloved 8 Painutem, justified, the son of of Amon-Re, King of the Gods, '°who has satisfied [all the] god[s] 11with [great] monument[s], 12 causing his E[nn]eadb to be in joyfulness.

See the references in Kenneth A. ) (Warminster, 1973), p. 333, n. 498, for the legal institution. wc, translated "heir" throughout this text, could be a writing of tw'(t), "inheritance" (as noted in Wb 1, 51). mm For this name see Hermann Ranke, Die aegyptische Personnennamen, vol. 1 (Gliickstadt, 1935), p. 127:1. "" Restoring [905] at the end ofcol. 35, based on the figures in cols. 36-38. The total must be lower than 1000, and since the daughters of Mutenope each apparently receive 305 deben, while Tamimi's daughter gets half that amount (152/2), it seems logical that Pawah should account for the remaining half share.

Hd m-dit (cf. col. 12) s3]-nswt (cf. col. 3). 90 For this sense of mb see Alan H. Gardiner, "Four Papyri of the 18th Dynasty from Kahun," in ZAS 43 (1906):34 (note 26); of. Jaroslav Cerny, "The Abnormal-Hieratic Tablet Leiden I 431," in Studies Presented to F. Ll. Griffith (London, 1932), p. 54 (note 42). h^ The equivalence 305 deben (of copper) = 30V2 shawls establishes the unit price. The use of the fraction here suggests that the rwdw is viewed as a length of cloth with a given value rather than as a garment.

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