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To be sure, Darwin made the colossal accident thesis more viable. Evolution appears to many to provide a plausible mechanism for producing all that we see. But given Darwinism’s overwhelming acceptance in the scientific community, indeed, in popular culture, why then do we not have more atheists among us? The fact is that it takes some real effort to deny God’s existence. Disbelief, like a bodybuilder’s frame, does not come naturally. Dr. J. Budziszewski once practiced the intellectual and existential gymnastics required to obtain an atheistic physique.

Truth is subjectivity, as Kierkegaard put it. As others put it, truth is livable, and it is found in persons, not in propositions. There are a number of problems with this definition of truth. First, the very statement “Truth is not found in propositions” is itself a propositional truth claim. In other words, it is self-defeating. Second, many existentialists confuse the nature of truth and the application of truth. Of course all applicable truth should be applied to one’s life. That is, all objective truth should be appropriated subjectively where possible.

7 And knowledge of the relation of cause and effect is not a priori but arises entirely from experience. There is always the possibility of the post hoc fallacy, namely, that things happen after other events (even regularly) but are not really caused by them. For example, the sun rises regularly after the rooster crows but certainly not because the rooster crows. One can never know causal connections, and without a knowledge of the cause of this world, for example, one is left in agnosticism about such a supposed God.

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