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By Mao Tse-Tung, Moss Roberts

Interpreting notes at the Soviet textual content Political economy.--Concerning monetary difficulties of socialism within the Soviet Union.--Critique of Stalin's monetary difficulties of socialism within the Soviet Union

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55 e u t h a na s i a f o r d e at h d u t i e s There are many situations in which it may be rational (and normal or usual) for an individual to rejoice in the existence or deplore the destruction of things or works which he will never enjoy as owner or user. It is not irrational to regret the destruction of the lost books of Livy without having read the books that remain. It is not irrational to deplore the cultural genocide in Tibet without being a Buddhist or a Tibetan or knowing Tibetan or having any intention of visiting Tibet.

37 e u t h a na s i a f o r d e at h d u t i e s question of the form of death duties is secondary to the question of their existence, just as the rival merits of hanging, shooting, poisoning, electrocuting and other possibilities may constitute a less than enthralling topic for those whose attitude to capital punishment is abolitionist. In purchase and sale, both economic agents are active. In bequest and donation, the recipient is passive;12 only the testator or donor is active. That is why it is beside the point to argue that the recipient does not deserve the money or money’s worth that he receives.

49 4 SAVING IN PERPETUITY Every frugal man is a public benefactor adam smi th1 This chapter is about perpetual saving, or saving in perpetuity. Perpetual saving is not to be confused with repeated saving, annual saving or contractual saving – additional saving in each year of the saver’s life. Perpetual saving may represent a single act of saving or a succession of acts. It is saving that is never drawn down, whatever the reason and whether or not it was planned as perpetual saving from the outset.

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