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Close this digression, which, perhaps, has been too long; subject, neither is it however, an interesting foreign to our purpose, as it it is, affords a very strong proof that conscience always an And if, is not guide in questions of morality. in the most enlightened age, in a country infallible which boasts of superior progress in philosophy, and under all the advantages it derives from divine revelation, so great and flagrant are the aberrations of conscience, what could be expected from its dictates in more ignorant ages, and in countries neither blessed 26 NATURAL RELIGION.

There may, indeed, be a few who, from the early impressions of their education, have still continued, after disavowing the divine authority of Scripture, to observe its moral precepts, and to believe in a future state of retribution, from what they imagine to be These appear to me to the deductions of reason. bestowed by revelation, authority, and are, in fact, Christ- avail themselves of the light while they deny its ians without knowing it. These, however, are not very numerous ; for, supposing the pretensions of revela- tion to a divine origin to be false, its moral precepts lose their sanction, and the doctrine of a future state all its authority; accordingly we do not find any system of religion or divine worship established on the principles of deism or natural religion.

Ture the very same is and the difference 35 God whom we between us is acknowledge, merely verbal. But power, under whatever denomination, must be endowed with intelligence ; for none but an intelli- this gent author can produce an intellectual being; and I would as soon believe that a telescope was not the result of contrivance, as that the eye should proceed from a blind unintelligent cause. God If the creator of the universe, he may properly be called Almighty and Omniscient, for we can conceive nothing which such a being has not wisdom is to contrive The and power to execute.

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