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Since there is only one way to decode each string, there cannot be two different codewords adjacent to the same string. 1. These shapes were always polygons and their corners were points in the plane whose coordinates were whole numbers: ‘lattice points’. The idea was that we had to cut the regions up into rectangles and triangles, or else surround them with rectangles and triangles, so as to find the area. 2, and then subtract them from the area of the enclosing rectangle. 1 are 5 and 1, respectively.

1, where the chunks that recur are shown slightly separated. The length of the bit that recurs is called the period of the recurrence. The expansions for 1/2 and 1/5 terminate after one step because each of these can be written as a whole number of tenths. For all the other prime numbers, the expansion will not terminate. 1 From now on, we shall assume that p is a prime other than 2 or 5. Is there anything interesting that we can say about the expansion of 1/p? The obvious question to ask is how the period of the recurrence is governed by the number p.

Show that the triangle with corners (0, 0), (p, q) and (b, a) has area (ap − bq)/2. The neat argument by which the Coprimality Theorem can be deduced from Pick’s Theorem means that in principle we could find a and b by drawing, but obviously for large numbers p and q this is not very practical. 4. Try to find a and b by drawing for p = 8 and q = 5. 8. Half-points are averages. To finish this chapter, here is a rather tough problem. It was shown to me by Pierre de la Harpe, who in turn claimed to have heard it elsewhere.

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