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By Abdullah A. Shaikh, Syed M. Hussain, David J. Desilets, Tara M. Catanzano

Scientific scholars and junior medical professionals are an essential component of the healthcare procedure. On an educational gastroenterology carrier, they typically firstly overview the sufferers which are then staffed by way of the consulting health professional. like every scientific specialties, the purchase of scientific wisdom is needed to achieve services. There are numerous assets akin to textbooks and evidence-based articles which are to be had for this objective. encouraged from sufferer care, this e-book deals a clean method of medical educating. it is a assorted form of publication. It features a gamut of instances for which gastroenterologists are generally consulted for within the health center and outpatient atmosphere. each one case is gifted from preliminary historical past and work-up together with imaging (various modalities together with endoscopy), through a short dialogue on administration. Questions are offered to the reader in every one case by way of a solution. considering every one case is exclusive, the pertinent instructing issues are confirmed in a query structure in the case narrative. just like real-life situations, this is helping the reader to maintain an important info. Why purchase this ebook? in contrast to directory proof as such a lot overview books do, instructing issues are built-in into reasonable medical instances. clinical scholars to residents/registrars in inner medication, emergency medication, GI drugs, radiology and surgical procedure would get advantages from this publication alike. Secondary audiences will comprise nurses and basic practitioners who are looking to comprehend the presentation of universal GI situations and linked imaging. in addition, it can even be probably used as a coaching device a necessary academic source for senior colleagues who take pleasure in instructing. eventually, this ebook may make a superb prerequisite ahead of beginning any gastroenterology rotation.

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Yes, it does. This patient has a positive Murphy’s sign, so cholecystitis is the most likely diagnosis. What blood test(s) will you order? 6mg/dL What do these laboratory data suggest? The elevated WBC suggests an infection. A differential count would show increased bands (also known as a left shift). These are the expected laboratory findings in uncomplicated cholecystitis. qxd 11-05-2013 00:39 Page 46 50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging The patient’s laboratory values also suggest an early cholestatic process.

Since the treatments for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s vary significantly, a designation of indeterminate colitis can pose a problem when developing a management plan. qxd 11-05-2013 00:39 Page 53 Case 19 A 52-year-old man who is receiving anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation presents to the emergency room with abdominal pain. His pain is located slightly to the left of the midline, predominantly in the epigastric region. He describes the pain as a dull ache that began 2 hours ago while watching television.

This examination would ideally be done in the upright, lateral, and oblique views. This patient is very ill and therefore proper technique could not be utilized. What is the next step? You have now confirmed this patient has an esophageal perforation along with a large pneumothorax, and bilateral pleural effusions. He has an elevated WBC, low BP, and rising temperature. He most likely has a polymicrobial infection within the effusions from esophageal and gastric contents. At this point, the next step would be to take the patient to the operating room to repair the esophageal perforation.

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