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The graphic diagrams and entry areas of this tab are shown in Figure 28. Note the figures in the Timing Diagram portion of the tab. The result length and its relationship to the OFDM frame are shown at the bottom, while the analysis region is shown at the top. 234 mSec) data portion of the subframe, following the zone offset of 1 symbol due to the preamble. Figure 28. The Time tab on the OFDMA Demodulation Properties dialog box includes an active timing diagram (derived from the signal and user settings, and updated as the measurement configuration is changed) to help you visualize your signal for easier measurement setup.

Also, map files are ideal for recreating the identical measurement made by other users. 31 Basic Digital Demodulation (continued) Next, select the Zone Definition tab of the Demodulation Properties dialog box. The default Zone Definition Grid map is shown at the bottom of this tab; only the FCH data burst has been defined. Other data bursts could be defined manually (this will be discussed in a later section of this note), but for this measurement we will use a zone definition map file that has already been constructed for this recording.

56 Advanced Digital Demodulation (continued) The analyzer display will now reflect only the first 4 symbols in the subframe, and from the map file you can see that these 4 symbols include the FCH, UL Map, DL map, and a portion of burst 1. Therefore, the only symbols shown in the constellation are either BPSK or QPSK. Close examination of the QPSK color-coding indicates that data from all four bursts are, in fact, included. Changing the Measurement Offset to 4 symbols results in a measurement of only the last 4 symbols in this subframe and appropriate changes in the timing diagram on the Time tab.

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