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This leaves only 3 and 7. In the first partial product E x B is a number of two digits while in the second partial product D x B is a number of only one digit. Thus E is larger than D, so E = 7 and D = 3. (d) Since D x B has only one digit, B must be 3 or less. The only two possibilities are 0 and 2. B cannot be zero because 7B is a two-digit number. Thus B = 2. (e) By completing the multiplication, F = 8, E = 7, and G = 6. (f) The answer is 125 x 37 = 4625. (a) T must equal I and W ~ 4, since THREE contains five digits.

Hunter It's just an easy alphametic today: merely a matter of commonsense and a little patience. Each letter stands for a different figure, and you're asked to find the number represented by ABLE. BE)ABLE(SIR MR RRL RLM BE BE So a new name was born. The following eight puzzles are from Mr. Hunter's fertile brain. 46 PUZZLES 145. NEVER -DRIVE RIDE 146. FIT)POLE (TO LOT FREE FREE 147. GET ON RON GET GRAN 148. START START TH IS START ARIGHT 149. DID) JUDGE (IT x x x x IDLE IDLE PUZZLES 47 150. TIE IT SAVE SPAR STEVE 151.

DELLA +RICCIA ANGELO 101. DO ) T R I S (ON E *T ** ** I * ** o 102. The triangular number ABCD is divisible by 89, whereas DCBA is divisible by 11. PUZZLES 35 103. Here are four squares in triangular array vertically and horizontally. The largest is a multiple of 11. xxxx xxx xx x 104. x .. 7+ .. 7 . 4.. - 9 = 1. 7+ .. = .. 3. 0 = 5 .. 105. xxA ABx xxxD xxD xxB xxxxxx 106. CENT _ MINE _ CLE I CE - 107. EAU x EAU = OCEAN 108. This is a magic square. All rows and columns add up to the same number.

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