JM grew from a desire to make heirlooms that my children would some day cherish.  My own treasured pieces, handed down from my grandmother are some of my greatest inspiration.  The stories told to me while she showed me each piece are forever etched into my mind, as are the times spent with the incredible woman I looked up to so much.  It was afternoons spent gazing at her jewellery boxes that inspired me to try my hand at learning the art and craft of goldsmithing and I remember very clearly, stepping into the studio at NSCAD for the first time and feeling like I had come home.

My work is inspired by nature and our connections to each other.  Simplicity of form and comfort are important to me, as I design each piece with the intention of daily wear and the hope that my work will be passed down to loved ones in the future.  Future heirlooms with a touch of whimsy and an eye for detail.  I am continually inspired by this island, the beaches, plants and animals that I encounter while out with my young children and the memories we are making every day.

I am currently working with themes of serpents and seeds, and the slightly otherworldly nature of the stars, how these ideas connect us to ourselves and to our ancestors.